Permium best hair oil

Permium best hair oil

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Beautycharms premium hair oil
All organic herbs
Best for hair fall
Long and strong hair
Itchy scalp
Its a hair specialist best for all hair issues
100% granteed result
150 ml

Coconut oil,Mustard Oil,Castor Oil,Vitamin E Oil,Retha,Amla,Shikakai,Hibiscus,Fenugreek,Oinion,Sesme Seed,Aloveragel


Take a premium hair oil . Apply only on scalp for 3 to 10 hours, wash with shampoo. For best results use it 2 times in a week.

✔No Hair Fall

✔Re Hair regrowth

✔Remove Alopecia

✔Remove Dandruff

✔Control Frizzy Hair

✔Control Premature Gray Hair

✔Stimulate Hair Growth