100% Pure Skin Polisher Set For Face Skin Polishing At Home

100% Pure Skin Polisher Set For Face Skin Polishing At Home

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Introducing our 100% Pure Skin Polishing Kit for Face: Your Ultimate At-Home Soft Touch Skin Polishing Solution.

Experience Professional-grade Gold Skin Polishing at Home

Get salon-quality best skin polishing results from the comfort of your home with our premium skin polisher facial set. Our best skin polish in Pakistan is designed to rejuvenate and restore your face, giving outstanding results for smooth, radiant, glowing skin.

Key Features:

1. Effective Skin Polishing:

Our skin polishing products effectively remove dead skin cells, dirt, and pollutants from the skin's surface, showing a fresh, radiant complexion underneath.

2. Soft Touch Formula:

Formulated with a gentle and soft touch formula, our skin polisher is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It ensures a comfortable and non-irritating experience while delivering optimal results.

3. Professional-grade Results:

Experience the benefits of professional-grade whitening skin polishing in the comfort of your own home. Our kit includes everything you need to achieve salon-quality results without the hassle or expense of visiting a spa.

4. Whitening and Brightening:

With skin-brightening agents, our skin polisher helps to lighten dark spots, even out skin tone, and impart a brilliant glow to your complexion.

How to Use Skin Polish:

1. Cleanse:

Start by cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser to remove any makeup, dirt, or oil residue.

2. Exfoliate:

Apply a small amount of the skin polishing scrub to damp skin. Gently massage in circular motions, focusing on areas of concern such as the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Avoid the delicate eye area.

3. Rinse Off:

After exfoliating, rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft towel.

4. Moisturize:

Finish off by applying your favorite moisturizer to hydrate and nourish your skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and rejuvenated.

Experience the Transformative Benefits

Say goodbye to dull, rough skin and hello to radiant beauty with our 100% Pure Skin Polisher Set. Discover the secret to a luminous and youthful complexion with our skin polishing kit.

  • 1x 24K Gold Glow Cleanser - 150 ml
  • 1x Hydrating Vol 20 - 250 ml
  • 1x Forever Young Powder mask - 100 gm
  • 1x Blonder Powder - 15

24K Gold Glow Cleanser

Stearic Acid, Lauric Acid, Palmitic Acid, Myristic Acid, Retionol, Olic Acid, Oxibenxone Etc.

Hydrating Vol 20

Water, Hydrogenperoxide, Crtearylalcohol, Sodium, Laury Sulfate.

Forever Young Mask

Sodium Hyaluronate, Caffeine, Olivine Extract, Colloidal Gold, Sodium Banzoate, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide.

Blonder Powder For Face

Disodium Edta Silicate, Maynesium Carbonate Hydroxide, Xanthban Gym, Paraffinum, Liquidum.

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